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Tên: 560-2540 N – Phanh khí nén

Model: 560-2540 N

Nhà sản xuất: Re-spa

Xuất xứ: Italy

Nhà phân phối: Song Thành Công

560-2540 N – Phanh khí nén – Re-spa


Thông tin sản phẩm:

Manually or pneumatically operated calipers (air applied and spring applied), can be used to obtain high braking torque and are ideal for stop-brakes on any machine used for processing material on reels. A cheap and simple solution, even for the most outdated machines

Các model sản phẩm:

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Max tangential force

Max pressure

Least pressure open.

Air volume

Manual air applied

560-2540 N




Pneumatic air applied

816-42000 N

7 bar


0,007-1 dm3

Pneumatic spring applied

690-31180 N


5 bar

0,04-3 dm3



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