Tough, precise and easy to use and calibrate, the CPF sensor roller make it possible to accurately detect the web tension because the weight of the roll and the position of the web do not affect the reading. The roller is fixed from one side only. 
CPF is available with a display on the front of the roller, for an easy calibration and management of the sensor, and in a version without integrated amplifer and display. Thanks to the special design, CPF sensor roller can withstand overloads up to 10 times the maximum load and it is stable to the temperature, pressure and humidity changes.
It is available with a wide range of the table from 250mm to 600mm and with or without integrated amplifier.


Bridge resistence   350 Ω Ohm
Temperature range   0÷60° C
Sampling speed   1 ms
Reading accuracy   10 gr
Overload protection   till 10 times the nominal load
Sensitivity   1,6 mV/V
Max flection   0,5 mm
Power supply with amplifier
without amplifier
24 V
5-15 V
Outputs with amplifier
without amplifier
1 can ouput, 1 analogue 12 bit
1,6 mV/V
Selectable outputs with amplifier 0÷5V ; 0÷10V -5÷5V ; -10÷10V ;
0÷20mA ; 4÷20mA ; 0÷20mA
Protection class   IP40
Flange mounting   4 holes
Ball bearings   self lubricated
Material   steel body; aluminium roller