US.3 is an ultrasonic sensor for detecting the diameter of the roll; it is usually used for the web tension control in open-loop systems combined with a pneumatic brake, a clutch (on rewinding stations) or a motor. It can also be used in combined or closed-loop systems as a support to the tension controllers.

US.3 is equipped with an easy interface with a led bar and two buttons. Easy to use and install, economic and accurate, US.3 is the ideal solution for use on sheeters, slitter rewinders and bag making machines.


Power supply 24 Vdc (+/- 10%)
Power 2 W max
Working frequency 125 kHz
Min. distance measurable 150 mm a 25°C
Max distance measurable 1800 mm
Analog input 0÷10 Vdc 1 remote setpoint
Analog output 0÷10 Vdc / 4÷20 mA 1 open-loop torque control
Analog output 0÷10 Vdc 1 diameter proportional
Digital output (NPN) with programming thereshold 2 for alarms
Serial gate for PC connection RS485
Opening angle to the axis +/-10°
Weight 200 g
Working temperature 0÷50 °C
IP protection class IP54
10 poles cable with miniaturized connector 5 or 10 m